Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are we there yet?!

On July 14th my 2 brothers, my mom, my grandma, my cousin Courtney, and me went to Santa Cruz to visit The Mystery Spot. It is a totally weird anomaly that some people bought intending to build a vacation home on not knowing it was "magic." The people who sold it to them said they had to buy the land on the other side of this Mystery Spot, for a good deal, so they took it. The owners of the land told the people who bought it they could build whatever they wanted on the other side but could not do anything on the "magic" side.

There were 2 theories of it: (1) There was a circle of lava underneath the surface that was spinning the opposite way of the earth & (2) an alien spaceship had landed there millions of years ago. (I personally believe theory #1.:)

I was totally weirded out by this place. For example: On a hill a ball, instead of rolling down, it rolls up,you feel like your standing up straight but your totally slanted, and if you have a ladder leaned up flat against the wall and you climbed up it without holding on you would feel like you were walking up stairs, and even the slightest hill felt like climbing Mt. Everest. AND I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!

Anyway, after the mystery spot (I didn't capitalize because my hands are to tired) we drove around trying to find a beach because Santa Cruz has beautiful beaches. We drove about 2 and 1/2 more hours in addition to the 2 we spent going to Santa Cruz until we ended up at the Capitola beach. We had a blast!!!

After we were at the beach for about 1 hour we left. At this time it was about 5 p.m. and we were craving a snack so of coarse there was a Dairy Queen on the way home. So we stopped and we all got a tasty little snack. (For all you butterfinger fans out there I recommend the Butterfinger Blizzard.) Then we drove 2 more hours to get home. And that was our day.

But I'm not done yet! The next day we went to San Francisco to walk around.

We saw elephant seals, walked up and down streets and went to Fishermans Grotto for lunch. After lunch we got in the car and drove down the steepest street in S.F. Lambard St. Then we went across the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped to take pics.

And in all we drove about 7 hours in all. The most popular saying during those 2 days were: Are we there yet!!! I cannot believe I lasted that long!!!!!

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