Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are we there yet?!

On July 14th my 2 brothers, my mom, my grandma, my cousin Courtney, and me went to Santa Cruz to visit The Mystery Spot. It is a totally weird anomaly that some people bought intending to build a vacation home on not knowing it was "magic." The people who sold it to them said they had to buy the land on the other side of this Mystery Spot, for a good deal, so they took it. The owners of the land told the people who bought it they could build whatever they wanted on the other side but could not do anything on the "magic" side.

There were 2 theories of it: (1) There was a circle of lava underneath the surface that was spinning the opposite way of the earth & (2) an alien spaceship had landed there millions of years ago. (I personally believe theory #1.:)

I was totally weirded out by this place. For example: On a hill a ball, instead of rolling down, it rolls up,you feel like your standing up straight but your totally slanted, and if you have a ladder leaned up flat against the wall and you climbed up it without holding on you would feel like you were walking up stairs, and even the slightest hill felt like climbing Mt. Everest. AND I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!

Anyway, after the mystery spot (I didn't capitalize because my hands are to tired) we drove around trying to find a beach because Santa Cruz has beautiful beaches. We drove about 2 and 1/2 more hours in addition to the 2 we spent going to Santa Cruz until we ended up at the Capitola beach. We had a blast!!!

After we were at the beach for about 1 hour we left. At this time it was about 5 p.m. and we were craving a snack so of coarse there was a Dairy Queen on the way home. So we stopped and we all got a tasty little snack. (For all you butterfinger fans out there I recommend the Butterfinger Blizzard.) Then we drove 2 more hours to get home. And that was our day.

But I'm not done yet! The next day we went to San Francisco to walk around.

We saw elephant seals, walked up and down streets and went to Fishermans Grotto for lunch. After lunch we got in the car and drove down the steepest street in S.F. Lambard St. Then we went across the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped to take pics.

And in all we drove about 7 hours in all. The most popular saying during those 2 days were: Are we there yet!!! I cannot believe I lasted that long!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Hike

Last summer I went on a 14 mile hike with my Dad and Grandpa.

hiked at Eagle Creek in Oregon. It was a two day hike.

We slept there and ate dinner and breakfast. I got to do the dishes after both!

For breakfast we had eggs so they had to be refrigerated.
We came up with a pretty cool fridge!!!!

Our camp was set up pretty cool!!

We called this our pee-pee log!

This waterfall looks like it will block the path but you walk through it!! It was wet and cold in the tunnel!!

I loved the experience to hike that far!!! ( I would of put it on my blog earlier but I don't have the time!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


For Jack's birthday we went to Legoland.

We saw a lot of super cool things. We traveled all around the world:)!!!!!

Jack and I loved Legoland!!!!

Legoland has been really fun for all of us. Last year we went to Legoland too. This year my Grandma went with us. She enjoyed it too!!:)

It was hard to believe that everything was made out of legos!!! There was even a lego mom,dad,brother,sister and baby. My Dad got cozy with the lego Mom!!:)

Legoland was fun and hopefully we will go there again!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Last day

This week is the last week of swim team. We had a lot of fun doing it!!!

I got pretty funny sometimes!!

Jack and I both had swim buddies.

One of Jack's buddies graduated from High School and Jack and his other swim buddy(Austin) gave him flowers.

Anyways, Jack and I are both very excited and sad that it is ending. We'll miss the swim part but the waking up at 6:30 and leaving at 12:00 we won't miss. My mom is glad and happy ,too. She will miss cheering for me and The Big Kahuna!!!:) But will be glad to get her Saturday sleep in day back.:)

I love swim team and can't wait for next year!!! :) :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Wizard of Oz

I was in a play with the Starstruck performance of The Wizard of Oz. I made some great friends. 

They are funnier than they look.

My friends that I already knew were Maddy and Katelyn.

I have to say the lion was pretty funny!!!!

We worked really hard!!

Lots of people came to see me!!!
They were selling stuffed characters from it and of-course all of my friends had to have one!

This was a very good experience for me. Before I was shy and didn't talk to other people a lot. And my mom also could see the difference from me now and me then.

This didn't happen recently it happened in Jan. of 2009 and if I had a blog then I would of posted it earlier!!!!!     

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Summer

Right now I am at my Grandma's house for Fourth of July and Jack's Birthday which is the 5th of July. It is our 3rd week of summer vacation and we are having a great time. 

During the first week of summer we were watching some friends for four days while their parents went away. We went to the water-park, we saw the movie Up (which me and my mom both cried through), and went to our pool which is where we do Swim Practice.

In the 2nd week we went to swim practice from 10 to 11 am and on Friday we went to swim practice from 9 to 10 and then went to the beach with some friends and I was playing in the ocean and a wave took me down and I was not aware that another huge wave was coming and it took me down under water and I was wearing my sun-glasses and I thought they were taken away by the wave, but they were still on.  And still I have sand in my hair. Anyway, we are having a fun summer and hopefully the rest of it will go well ,too.  

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to my blog!!!

Today I was talking to my mom while she was looking at her blog and asked "Can I have a blog even though I am only 9?" She said " Of course, we can start now!" So she logged on and made me a blog! So I have been so exited for the past half-hour. I wanted one because I have seen my mom do it and she has had so much fun with it I wanted one. I also want one because I wanted to share my life with other people besides my family. So here I am blogging for the first time!!!!!